Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Urban builder and real estate guru Komichel Johnson enjoys spending time with his family and partaking in educational and spiritual recreational activities.  Komichel Johnson grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi where by the age of eight he mastered the works of Beethoven and Bach. Komichel Johnson was classically trained during his elementary years. While earning the title of top pianist and winning state competitions; Komichel realized his passion for music rooted deeper than the motorcycle he was promised if he ever managed to become a classically trained pianist.

Komichel Johnson grew up in the church where he was inspired to work harder to receive fruitful results of his efforts. As a classically trained pianist, Komichel Johnson managed to manifest a bond with local musicians who taught him the benefit of training his ears.

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Listening Comprehension
Komichel JohnsonEar training is defined as the listening comprehension of music. Although Komichel Johnson could read music at the age 8, his efforts were constantly dedicated to mastering the art of training his ears. As an avid musician and pianist, Komichel Johnson recognized harmonies and started to challenge his ear while he played for local churches. During his free time, Komichel played for church choirs in and around Mississippi and Georgia. After graduating with a B.S. degree from Morehouse College, Komichel Johnson put a hold on his music career to attend to his interest in finance and urban building. Today Komichel Johnson can be found listening to artist such as R-Kelly, Drake, Outkast, Joe Sample, and Johann Sebastian Bach.